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Lost Surfboard Model RNF 96 in Black Sheep Construction

The RNF 96 in Black Sheep Construction

If you're in the market for a versatile and reliable surfboard, the Lost RNF 96 in the Black Sheep construction might be the board you've been searching for. This high-performance fish surfboard is designed to excel in a variety of wave conditions, from small knee-high waves to double overhead barreling waves.

 The Lost RNF 96 Blacksheep


Black Sheep Construction

The Black Sheep construction used in the making of the Lost RNF 96 is a unique feature that sets it apart. It begins with lightweight, 1.5lb virgin EPS and utilizes advanced “Triax-NCF” (Non-Crimp Fabric) high-quality carbon fiber, resulting in a fast, responsive, and lively surfboard. This construction makes the board both lightweight and flexible, yet surprisingly strong. Additionally, the board floats about 1 Liter more than a regular poly board, providing added buoyancy and stability.

The RNF 96: A Brief History

The RNF 96 is a result of years of shaping and fine-tuning, with its origins dating back to the mid-90s. It was based on the original "fish" design developed for professional surfers Chris Ward and Cory Lopez. The RNF 96 is a versatile board that is designed to perform well in a wide range of conditions, making it a popular choice for surfers of varying skill levels.



Features of the RNF 96

The RNF 96 features several design elements that contribute to its exceptional performance. These include:
  • Rocker Curves: Remain engrained to the original proven curves.
  • Outline Curves: Both nose and tail were usually the same width at 12” and remain true, but with more precision, including added curve and width around 6” from the tail.
  • Bottom Contours: The classic single concave to double concave, accelerating vee combination are defining design elements and hold true to adherence.
  • Thickness Flow, Deckline, Rails, and Tail Foil: They were all over the map in those rudimentary hand shape days. Each board was different, with most of them having noticeably different curves and thickness from one rail to the other.

The Lost RNF 96 in the Black Sheep construction is a versatile and high-performance fish surfboard that offers exceptional performance in a wide range of wave conditions. Its unique construction and design make it a top choice for surfers looking for a reliable and enjoyable surfing experience.

The Lost RNF 96 in Blacksheep construction


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To purchase the Lost RNF 96 or explore the full lineup of surfboards, visit Hawaiian South Shore. You can secure your board by placing a $200 nonrefundable deposit online. Upon pickup, you can pay the remaining balance. For added convenience, we offer door-to-door delivery for the leeward side of Oahu at a flat fee of $15.

Door to Door Delivery


For neighbor islands, we provide Aloha Air Cargo airport pick up for $90, and door-to-door delivery for (6'0 and below) $120. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to call or text us at +1 (808) 597-9055, or email us at




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