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JS Industries El Baron Surfboard


The El Baron is the “head honcho of the Baron family,” providing an updated, fine-tuned take on the Big Baron to create a super fun performance mid-length. With so much paddle power and trim speed, there’s really no reason to ever ride anything else, at least for the average surfer. Once you go El Baron, you never go back!
  • Slightly narrower and with more rocker and a more modern concave than the Big Baron—the length and forgiveness of a mid-length with the turning radius of a shortboard, which results in a board that is fun as hell and makes everyone feel like they are ripping.
  • Riding a longer board like this will naturally smooth out your surfing and clean up your style, which will then translate to more refined performance when you step back down to a shortboard—assuming you ever do!
We do custom orders. Email Us or Text Us, we can get you dialed in. 

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