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A longboard designed to excel in everyday conditions. When Taylor Jensen and Dan Mann set out the guidelines were simple: make it fast, loose and free.

A board that’s all about making surfing fun in a wide range of conditions without compromising performance. What came out of years of testing and refining is what you see in the TJ PRO V. An all conditions fun-formance longboard that excels in average 2-6ft surf.

The DNA of the TJ Pro V is rooted in the TJ PRO, with tweaks to optimize performance in average surf. A lower rocker profile to make paddling and skating across soft flat sections easy. A wider nose for more stability on the tip. The squash tail and the added spiral V out the tail allows for more release and makes it easier to lean into tighter turns and feel loose under foot. Throw in a quad fin option in addition to the 2+1 and it makes this board a Swiss army knife of longboards.

Model: TJ Pro V. A high-performance longboard designed to shred in everyday conditions.

Ability: Intermediate to advanced longboarders looking for a high-performance design.

Type of waves: Knee- to head-high everyday waves. 2-6ft waves.

Fin setup: 4+1 (allowing for single fin, 2+1, and quad setups). 7” Signature Center Fin with 4.25” Edge Sides or Flying Diamonds TJ Quad set (yet to be released) (Dan/Firewire quad also works)

Construction: Thunderbolt Red and Black provide two options both utilizing space-age, high-performance flex patterns in a refined fiberglass/EPS build with carbon fiber inlays.

Size range:  9’0" x 22 1/8" x 2 5/8" V61.5L

Description: The TJ Pro V is a refined, tweaked version of the TJ Pro, built for everyday shredding in a wide range of conditions. A low rocker profile provides paddle and trim speed, while a wide nose supports time spent on the tip. The combination of the squash tail and a spiral V in the back third of the bottom makes the board looser underfoot and provides release through turns. Finally, the 4+1 fin setup provides a wide range of options, ranging from fast, down-the-line projection as a quad to more traditional feels on a single fin or 2+1.

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