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Harley Ingleby G6 (9'1) 4+1 Fin FCS II Thunderbolt Red Candy White - LIMITED EDITION


Limited Edition Harley Ingleby G6 Surfboard

Thunderbolt Red (Xeon) with Black (carbon) Deck
Flex between Xeon and Carbon Limited Edition!

Fins: 4+1聽FIN
Construction: Mix of Thunderbolt Red and Thunderbolt Black (Carbon)


The G6 is a high-performance shortboard designed for good surf in the chest high plus range. With a unique continual rocker, the board features a straighter tail and a longer increased nose lift than the HP rocker, along with six channels that make it an acceleration machine. The squash tail design provides increased pivot points and turn release, making it ideal for intense surfing conditions.

Key Features

  • Continual rocker for enhanced speed and maneuverability
  • Squash tail for increased pivot points and turn release
  • Six channels for acceleration


  • Enhanced performance in chest high plus range surf
  • Increased speed and maneuverability
  • Ability to handle intense surfing conditions

$1,480.00 USD

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