We won't bore you with our biased opinion of why we love our tees so much, hell, we designed ‘em, we had better like them, right? But it’s what we can’t show you on screen that you should be paying attention to. 

All the cotton we use throughout our range of tee shirts is 100% Organic. “Ah yeah, cool man. Pretty cliché though. What isn’t organic these days?” Actually, it’s not as common as you may think, and the global benefits are pretty amazing. You see, conventional cotton accounts for about a quarter of the world’s insecticide usage, 10% of pesticides and it’s only grown on 3% of agricultural land. Organic cotton contributes to zero of this, all while using 71% less water and over 60% less energy and only 1% of cotton is organic! 

That’s something to be proud to wear on your sleeve. Pun intended.


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