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Ride the Avocado Dream: Firewire Machadocado Surfboard

What to Expect from this Blog Post:


What's your ideal wave size for summer surfing?


      Introducing the Firewire Machadocado Surfboard

      The most versatile hybrid in Rob Machado's quiver.
      Meet your new favorite summertime shape, designed by Rob Machado and inspired by the outline of an avocado mixed with the DNA of a fish and the performance of a shortboard. The Machadocado is a versatile and high-performance surfboard that excels in smaller waves, providing excellent stability and grovel-ability.

      Before we dive in, we'd love to hear from you: Do you have a similar board to the Machadocado in your quiver? Share in the comments!


      The Inspiration Behind the Machadocado

      According to Rob Machado, the design of the Machadocado was inspired by the proportions of an avocado. "There's just something about an avocado that is proportionately correct," he says. "I like to have my surfboards be pleasing to the eye, and this shape just flows really nice." The avocado-inspired outline makes wave catching easy, with more volume in a shorter outline.

      Shape and Volume Distribution

      The Machadocado is slightly wider and thicker than your standard shortboard, providing excellent stability and grovel-ability. The volume distribution favors fast wraps and quick speed generation in waves knee-high to overhead. The board's width and thickness also make it an ideal choice for surfers who want to catch waves with ease and confidence.


      Double Concave and Vee Through the Fin Cluster

      The Machadocado features a double concave crafted to suit ease of maneuverability, and a vee through the fin cluster that allows for uncommon ease of transition from rail to rail. This makes the board highly responsive and easy to turn, even for intermediate surfers.

      Thickness Distribution and Helium Technology

      Rob Machado was meticulous in refining the thickness distribution from nose to tail, ensuring the shape holds well in the pocket without sacrificing the ability to create speed in flat sections. The board is built in Helium Technology, which provides parabolic flex control provided by wooden rails for drive and control.


      Construction and Materials

      The Machadocado is constructed using Firewire's proprietary Helium Technology, which combines a lightweight, high-density EPS core with a durable, high-performance epoxy glassing system. The board also features:
      • Avocado-inspired outline for easy wave catching
      • Wider and thicker design for stability and grovel-ability
      • Double concave for ease of maneuverability
      • Vee through the fin cluster for smooth transitions
      • Helium Technology for parabolic flex control
      • Thruster fin configuration for versatility
      • Recommended Machado 2 + 1 Fin Set for tight turns and control

        Fin Setup and Performance

        The Machadocado loves to be in waves knee-high to overhead, making it an excellent choice for surfers who want to generate speed and control in smaller waves. The thruster fin configuration allows for versatility, enabling riders to experiment with different fin setups, including twin fin and twin fin with a trailer. The recommended Machado 2 + 1 Fin Set provides tight turns and extreme control.

        While we recommend the Machado 2 + 1 Fin Set, we're curious: What fins do you think you'd surf with on the Machadocado? Share your fin setup ideas!

        The Firewire Machadocado surfboard is an excellent choice for intermediate to advanced surfers who want a versatile and high-performance shape. Its unique design and features make it an ideal board for smaller waves, providing excellent stability, grovel-ability, and control. Whether you're an experienced surfer or looking to upgrade your quiver, the Machadocado is definitely worth considering.

        Want to see the Machadocado in action? Check out this Instagram post from Rob Machado shredding on his creation. Leave a comment and let us know what you think!



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