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Surfing The Future With Kelly Slater's Cymatic

What is the Cymatic Model About?

Surfing The Future With Kelly Slater’s Cymatic


Kelly Slater is one of the most influential surfers. This includes not only how we look at competition and high-performance surfing, but also how we look at the modern surfboard.

Kelly’s ultra-rockered potato chips of the 1990s set off an entire generation of copycats. Around the turn of the century, Slater took things in an entirely new direction with shorter and wider flatter boards. Again, we all took note and followed.

Slater has invested in Firewire and started his own line of boards in collaboration with renowned shapers like Daniel “Tomo” Thomson, the first two models in the line are the Sci-Fi and the Omni. These models have become ubiquitous in lineups around the world. The Sci-Fi has even turned some heads in world tour heats. Slater’s board design, Tomo has even more people talking. Slater dropped an edit a few months back of him ripping the bag out of well overhead waves, on what looks like a 5’5”.

The Cymatic surfboard blends the best elements of the Sci-Fi and the Omni, but also has entirely new elements that thrive on their own merits. One of these is an increase in rocker throughout the board and especially in the tail. This added kick allows for control in larger waves and provides a platform, from which to maneuver. Increased rocker makes a board agile and able to turn on a tight radius. The first edit of Slater shredding his Cymatic surfboard demonstrated exactly that. Another thing that is interesting about the Cymatic is that it is definitely not intended as a groveler. It’s a short wide board that excels in real waves, but despite that fact, it does grovel really well!

Surfing The Future With Kelly Slater’s Cymatic


Riding the Cymatic Surfboard 

The Cymatic surfboard model is best suited for wave conditions ranging from waist-high to well over head-high, with its optimum performance seen in 1-5 foot surf. This board, exemplified by Kelly Slater riding it in larger conditions, is designed to excel in waves within this range. If you enjoy the exhilarating feel of speed and being on the edge of control, you will appreciate how the Cymatic board flies in solid surf just as much as it handles the average conditions.

Since the Cymatic holds volume and rail throughout, it’s able to accelerate in small waves. The reduced length also offers the ability to turn your speed into maneuvers. Cymatic's are intended to be sized approximately like the Omni. It has been found that going a touch shorter in hollow waves can result in increased speed and control in the barrel. This is likely due to the narrower tail design. Whatever type of waves you are regularly surfing, the Cymatic brings a proven high-tech flavor that is good enough for the 11-time world champ. So, if it’s good enough for Slater, it’s definitely good enough for us!

Questions you might ask about the Cymatic Surfboard, answered here! 

Who should be riding the Cymatic model?

The Cymatic surfboard model is recommended for surfers who have reached an intermediate to advanced skill level and are interested in adding a distinct, high-performance board to their collection.

How does the Cymatic model reflect Tomo's shaping style and innovation?

The Cymatic model reflects Tomo's shaping style and innovation by incorporating unique features and design aspects that showcase his creativity and ability to blend different board models to create a high-performance surfboard known for its versatility and advanced design concepts.

What is the significance of the double bat tail on the Cymatic model?

The double bat tail on the Cymatic model is a feature borrowed from the Sci-Fi model, which has contributed to the popularity of the Sci-Fi due to its design and performance characteristics.

How does the Cymatic model combine features from the Sci-Fi and Omni models?

The Cymatic model integrates elements from the Sci-Fi and Omni models, such as the double bat tail from the Sci-Fi and a fuller template similar to the Omni, resulting in a unique design that blends the best of both boards.

What are the specific design influences behind the creation of the Cymatic model?

The Cymatic model is described as a hybrid of the Sci-Fi and Omni models, combining features from both boards to create an avant-garde, ultra high-performance machine.


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