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Cutting-Edge Combination of Nature and Technology - TimberTek

Cutting-Edge Combination of Nature and Technology

When most people think of Firewire, they think of TIMBERTEK. These are the brown, wooden-decked surfboards that first put the company on the map. Combining lightweight EPS blanks with a laminated wooden skin and proprietary parabolic rails, these boards look good and perform great. They are strong, lightweight, and snappy, utilizing the strength of paulownia wood to supplement the strength and flex of the EPS foam and epoxy resin.

Timbertek Technology Fiewire

Paulownia is a fast-growing tree that produces strong, light timber, perfect for use in surfboard construction. By utilizing this wood in their construction process, Firewire is able to minimize the amount of petro-chemical products that go into the boards. The boards are still not entirely sustainable, but they certainly use less petro-chemicals than many other boards. Plus, because they are so strong, they tend to last longer, which is better for the environment.

Firewire Greedy Beaver Surfboards

The TIMBERTEK surfboards are just as impressive for their performance. The parabolic rail construction eliminates the need for a center stringer, and instead moves the boards’ flex and life to the rails, where more torque and movement occurs. The result is a hyper-sensitive and maneuverable board that is stronger while at the same time being lighter—the holy grail of surfboard technology. The fact that it’s beautiful is just icing on the cake!




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