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Taylor Jensen TJ Pro Surfboard Review by Aaron

Taylor Jensen Surfboard Review by Aaron

Aaron from San Diego talks about his experience with the Firewire TJ Pro surfboard while in Hawaii. He discusses how Taylor recommended the board and lent him one to try out. Aaron explains how he had been riding Thunderbolt boards and found the TJ Pro to be a significant improvement in terms of speed and maneuverability.

He talks about the difference between riding a buoyant board like the TJ Pro versus a poly board, and how he loves the slingshot effect when making turns. Aaron also shares his height and weight and explains how the 9'11 TJ Pro is perfect for him. He has been in Hawaii for ten days, surfing at locations like Haleva and Sandbar, and is excited to test the board on the North Shore. Overall, Aaron is stoked with the board and thanks Taylor and the team at Firewire for the opportunity to try it out.

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