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The Boss Up Surfboard with Dan Mann: A Deep Dive into the Details

In a Zoom meeting, David had a conversation with Dan Mann about the Firewire Boss Up surfboard. Dan, known for his shaping skills, shared why this Mid-length board is creating such a buzz. He explained that its versatility makes it perfect for various wave conditions and surfing styles. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned surfer, the Boss Up's unique fin setup and durable yet lightweight construction make it a top pick for anyone looking to enhance their surfing experience.

The Boss Up Surfboard: A Blend of the S-Boss and Midlength Designs

As Dan explained, the Boss Up surfboard is a fusion of the popular S-Boss design and the midlength surfboard category. The board features the distinct blunt nose and "saucy little FRK tail" of the S-Boss, combined with a parallel rail outline and a more subtle single concave bottom contour. This unique shape allows the Boss Up to excel in a variety of wave conditions, from small to powerful surf.

The Boss Up emerges as a natural progression, embodying the essence of performance midlength surfboards. Let's dive into the features, performance, and versatility of the Boss Up, showcasing why it's a must-have for surfers seeking a blend of style, efficiency, and diversity in their wave-riding experience.

Rocker and Fin Placement: The Key to Midlength Performance

One of the critical design elements that sets the Boss Up apart is the rocker profile and fin placement. Dan emphasized the need to "drastically change the rocker proportions and fin placement" compared to the traditional S-Boss in order to adapt the design to the midlength realm. The reduced rocker in the nose and tail, combined with a forward-positioned fin cluster, enables the rider to draw different lines and utilize the board's speed and momentum more effectively.

At the heart of the Boss Up's design is its unique DNA, tailored for midlength surfboards but with a performance edge. The rocker is fine-tuned to deliver maximum performance without compromising on glide and paddle speed. 

Riding the Boss Up: A Unique Sensation

According to Dan, the Boss Up offers a distinct sensation when surfing. He described how he tends to ride the board with his front foot in a more forward position, allowing the nose to "run a little bit with inertia and speed down the line." However, when the rider steps back, the board is capable of hooking into tight, controlled arcs. This balance between extended, powerful turns and tighter, more responsive maneuvers is what makes the Boss Up so versatile.

Firewire BOSS UP (6’6 - 7’6) Futures Ibolic SHOP SURFBOARDS Surf and Clothing Boutique Honolulu

Fin Setup: Tuning the Boss Up's Performance

The fin setup plays a crucial role in the Boss Up's performance. Dan recommended a quad fin configuration, with a larger front set of fins and the ability to adjust the rear quad fins to tune the board's sensitivity and looseness. He explained the importance of a slightly more upright, 80/20 foil on the rear fins, allowing for a bit more than the typical 60/40 ratio.


The Boss Up surfboard incorporates Firewire's innovative Ibolic core technology, which is a testament to the brand's commitment to performance and sustainability. The Ibolic construction features a 1.5 lb EPS foam core with a high-density foam stringer in the core, 16mm high-density foam parabolic rails to control flex, and a 5mm high-density foam springer on the bottom. 

This core is paired with Firewire's standard fiberglass lamination, which includes a 3mm high-density composite deck skin sandwiched between double 4 oz fiberglass cloth layers on the deck, and double 4 oz fiberglass capping the bottom. This construction method results in a surfboard that offers lightweight durability, responsive flex, and sustainable innovation

Embracing the Parallel Rails: Enhancing Rail-to-Rail Transitions

The parallel rails of the Boss Up are a deliberate design choice that enhances the board's performance. As Dan explained, the more parallel outline creates a subtle "rail rocker" effect when the board is tipped on its rail, allowing for fluid planing and a smooth transition into and out of turns.

The Firewire Boss Up surfboard is a unique and versatile Mid-length design that seamlessly blends the characteristics of the iconic S-Boss with the performance and agility of a Mid-length board. Through the insights shared by Dan Mann, we've gained a deeper understanding of the design elements, fin setup, and riding characteristics that make the Boss Up a standout choice for a wide range of surf conditions and skill levels. Whether you're an experienced Mid-length enthusiast or seeking a board that can adapt to your evolving surfing needs, the Boss Up is definitely worth considering.


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