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Lost Sub Driver 2.0 Surfboard

 The Sub Driver 2.0 - Lost's Flagship High Performance Shortboard

The Sub-Driver has been the go-to small-wave board for …Lost’s team of pro riders since it was introduced over a decade ago. Kolohe Andino rode this board to five WQS wins when he qualified for the Championship Tour in 2011, and just about every other pro on the team has ridden it as well. But it also thrives under the feet of everday surfers, who enjoy the clean outline, forgiving rails, ample volume, and medium rocker. The latest version has been updated with a wider, more forgiving nose, a smoothed out hip, more volume in the center (courtesy of a vee on the deck), and a deeper concave on the back third of the bottom.

Model: Sub-Driver 2.0. The latest update to …Lost’s most popular, pro-level, small-wave board.

Ability: Intermediate to advanced surfers.

Type of waves: Waist- to head-high points and beach breaks

Fin setup: Five-fin FCS and Futures

Construction: Lightspeed / Black Sheep Built

Size range:

5'6" X 18.50 X 2.32 V25L
5'8" X 19 X 2.38 V27L
5'9" X 19.25 X 2.40 V28L
5'10" X 19.50 X 2.43 V29.25L
5'11" X 19.75 X 2.46 V30.50L
6'0" X 20 X 2.50 V31.75L
6'1" X 20.25 X 2.53 V33L
6'3" X 20.63 X 2.63 V3.63L
6'4" X 20.75 X 2.66 V36.75L


The Sub Driver 2.0 is Lost Surfboards' flagship modern high performance small wave competition shortboard. This board was developed primarily with top pros like Colin Morikawa and Dino Andino over the last 10-15 years as they progressed from groms to QS champions.


So what makes the 2.0 the ultimate small wave shred stick? Let's break it down:

Wider Nose

The Sub Driver 2.0 sports a wider nose shape. This nose increases stability and paddling speed. It also helps you efficiently paddle into waves. Additionally, it generates faster momentum through flatter sections.


Redesigned Hip

The 2.0 still has the classic wide hip through the tail to pivot off of, but Lost has refined the shape to balance the fuller nose. The hip breaks up the rail line to carve tight in weak waves, while the wider tail offers control when you hit the gas. The hip lets you slay bottom turns and snappy cutbacks even when the surf is messy.

Dialed Foil

By increasing the center thickness and vee through the deck, Lost honed the 2.0's foil for small surf performance. The thicker centerline under your chest adds paddle power and drive off your front foot. Lowered rail volume gets you on rail for radical turns without sacrificing speed through flats.

Deeper Concave

In the rear third of the board, the 2.0 has a deeper concave that accelerates water through your turns. The curvy rail line hinges under your back foot while the low, flat tail rocker enables tight pockets. The result is fast, nimble, vertical turns even in mushburgers.

At its core, the 2.0 takes Lost's legacy Sub Driver design and evolves it to be an even better all-around high-performance small wave weapon. The updates make it easier for mortals to slay like pros in weak surf. If you surf a lot of gutless summer conditions, fat waves, or notoriously inconsistent breaks, you need the Sub Driver 2.0 in your quiver.

Insights from the Shaper

We spoke with legendary shaper Matt Biolos to get the inside scoop on the new Sub Driver 2.0. He shared how this design evolved to meet the needs of top professionals like Conner Coffin while also catering to everyday surfers.

Matt shaped these updated boards for Conner Coffin as he progressed on the QS tour, fine-tuning the design over time for maximum speed and performance. Now in his late 20s, Coffin relies on the Sub Driver 2.0 for contests and free surfing in smaller waves.

 Sub Driver 2.0 Surfboard

Ripping on Stock Models

The beauty of this board is that even pros grab stock models right off the shelf and achieve the same performance as their custom shapes. Matt Biolos cites pros like Eli Hanneman ripping on a stock 5'6" in Australia and Ian Crane scoring a stock round nose fish in Indonesia.

So you don't need a special pro model to experience the Sub Driver 2.0 magic. Come try this flagship board that our top team riders rely on to win heats and wow the crowds. Feel the speed, drive and control that makes the Sub Driver 2.0 a favorite among discerning surfers seeking high performance small wave thrills.



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