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This Solves My SCIATICA

This Solves My SCIATICA

As I’ve talked about previously, I have struggled with sciatica and related knee pain for years. A lot of physical therapists have suggested doing stretching and rolling, but this actually aggravates the nerve that causes the sciatica (which we have covered in a previous article).

Recently, I found a doctor in El Paso, Texas, who hosts a video on YouTube about effective sciatica therapy. Instead of stretching and rolling, he has people do exercises that shift the pelvis to relieve the pressure on the nerve. Two exercises in particular are super helpful for me.




One involves shifting the way you stand and pushing your pelvis forward. The other is done lying on your back with your feet on the ground, and lifting your butt off the ground in a bridge form. Not only has this helped my sciatica tremendously, but it has also helped relieve my knee pain, which was related to imbalances in my buttocks.



I recently bumped into a friend Dyanne who has had sciatica issues for 41 years, ever since giving birth to her daughter. Like me, she had done years of stretching and rolling under a physical therapist to try to treat this, but it has only given her temporary relief. I turned Dyanne onto two videos from the doctor in El Paso, and she has been doing the exercises religiously since then. The other day, we met up for a surf and she told me that not only is her sciatica much better, but that she also used to have knee pain and it is also improved!



If you have been dealing with sciatica, pes anserine bursitis in your knee, or both, I highly suggest checking out these videos and educating yourself a bit more about these conditions. You might discover that you have been rehabbing them incorrectly for years.

Hopefully these exercises can give you the same relief that they gave Dyanne and me!


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