Active Skin Repair products recently received the "Seal of Approval" from the National Eczema Association, a resource and hub for the millions of Americans who are living with eczema.  

While having never personally experienced Eczema, through my journey with Active, I have learned just how truly debilitating it can be.  With winter now fully upon us its "Eczema Season" so flare up's are not only worse but more frequent.  We have always received such positive feedback from customers in regards to Active's impact on Eczema and beyond excited to start flying this NEA flag! 

While Active Skin Repair will never address the underlying cause of Eczema there is certainly no better or healthier product for that matter to deal with its symptoms.


*Now HSA & FSA Approved!



One powerful solution

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Our technology

Introducing Active Skin Repair, a product that harnesses the power of the human body and renders outdated wound care products obsolete. Other products are messy, smell badly, and frequently cause pain. Some are even mildly toxic. This is no longer the case with the multi-functional power of Active Skin Repair.

HOCI is a naturally occurring molecule that is produced by our bodies’ white blood cells as a way to promote healing. The re-creation of this molecule results in a clinically proven regenerative technology that helps support the body’s natural healing process.

A New Kind of Medical Company

BLDG Active makes products that promote personal health and recovery through clinically proven natural technologies. Our team is comprised of entrepreneurs, accredited medical professionals, athletes, and parents focused on building a new kind of medical company.

We are focused on bringing cutting-edge medical technologies directly to the modern, active family by sourcing products that are superior to current over-the-counter solutions—both in effectiveness and environmental impact.

At BLDG Active, we believe that personal health and the health of our environment are entwined.

We seek to minimize our environmental impact in every area: from our supply chain to our ingredients to giving back through organizations like 1% For The Planet.

BLDG Active is proud to be a 1% for the Planet Company and donates 1% of all sales to grassroots environmental initiatives to protect the playgrounds we all love.


Why Active Skin Repair?





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*Now HSA & FSA Approved!  BLDG ACTIVE’s Active Repair Hydrogel is a better solution for everyday skin damage: natural, non-toxic, antibiotic free and non-sensitizing (aka no sting). ACTIVE Active Skin Repair Hydrogel is a medical-grade treatment for everyday wound care and skin...

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 Active Skin Repair Spray is a medical-grade treatment for everyday wound care and skin repair.  It is simple to use, multi-functional and helps support the body’s natural healing process. The technology used in Active Skin Repair's Spray is the same doctor-recommended and...

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