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Firewire EVO Surfboards

Check out the Tomo/Firewire Evo in Helium 2—it’s the answer to your flat-day despair. 

The Evo is a staple of the Firewire quiver—a snub-nosed modern planing hull from Tomo that set the stage for the avant garde shaper’s ubiquitous “quad inside single concave” bottom contour. Rippable, user-friendly, and infinitely grovelable, the Evo was released in 2014 in LFT construction, and then eventually graduated to Helium.

  • Firewire has released the popular board in Helium 2 with UV inhibitors, so it stays white and intact for longer.
  • Numerous people come into the shop to tell us about their Firewire Surfboards in Helium, with some saying that their boards are still good as the day they bought them, even after tons of sessions! What more can you ask for!

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