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Model: Mango Jam. A classic single-fin that has been updated with modern design elements so that it can turn harder and more aggressively.

Ability: Beginner to advanced longboarders looking for a board that does it all.

Type of waves: The Mango Jam can turn and noseride, making it a great all-rounder for a wide range of conditions from ankle- to head-high.

Fin setup: Single fin

Construction: Thunderbolt Silver maintains a classic, traditional feel while still providing space-age, high-performance flex patterns in a refined fiberglass/EPS build with carbon fiber inlays.

Description: Kai Sallas is one of Waikiki’s favorite sonsβ€”a style master and world champ, and the godfather of the new generation of local noseriders. His Mango Jam perfectly reflects his approach at his home break of Queensβ€”powerful, aggressive turns to set up extended, stylish noserides. Classic longboarding has always been the foundation of Sallas’ style, but he isn’t afraid to surf with progressive flair. He designed the Mango Jam to be a modern noseriderβ€”a board that trims with the best of them, but also turns hard off the tail.

For those who want the classic feel of a single-fin longboard, but with updated design features that allow it to turn harder and more aggressively, the Mango Jam from Kai Sallas is a perfect choice.

While it still has all of the ingredients that make for a great noserider, this board’s modern, refined features allow it to handle larger waves than a traditional log.

If you want to hang out on the nose and then crank turns off the tail, the Mango Jam is definitely your jam.


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