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“When the surf steps up in power, the STEP-DRIVER steps up with it, allowing the surfer to control and capitalize on the speed and power of proper waves.”

The Step Driver is …Lost’s most high-performance step-up board, preferred by virtually the entire team of pro riders in contest and free surfers when the waves get bigger and hollower.

  • Equally adept at navigating big turns and big barrels, the Step-Driver is typically ridden one to two inches longer than the Driver 2.0 and is built to shred bigger waves as if you were surfing a playful, head-high peak.
  • The Step Driver is the go-to step-up for Kolohe Andino, Griffin Colapinto, Carissa Moore, Caroline Marks, Ian Crane, Mason Ho, Yago Dora, Crosby Colapinto, and Eli Hanniman. 


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  • LOST (1)
  • 31L - 35L (1)
  • 6'0" - 6'11" (1)