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LOST SubScorcher

 ...Lost Sub Scorcher 


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Exclusive old favorite in new dimensions 
Redo in New Tech Lightspeed 


Model: Sub Scorcher 

Ability: High-performance shortboard with a double wing swallow tail that provides whip through turns and carries its speed through flat sections, 

Type of waves: Great board for all conditions—from groveling small days to ripping in head-high swells

Fin setup: FCS II

Construction: The HSS signature version has beefed up the volume a bit to provide extra paddle power and planning speed, and is built in …Lost’s proprietary LightSpeed construction, combining carbon fiber, Innegra Fiber, exo-stringers, and high-strength epoxy to create a fast, light, strong board that holds its speed and is lively through turns.

Size range: 6'1" X 20.75" X 2.66" V37L



Here at Hawaiian South Shore, we have been working with Matt Biolos and …Lost Surfboards for more than 20 years. It has been such a pleasure to work with Matt, stock his boards, and watch his brand grow into one of the world’s leading surfboard companies.

A couple of months ago I was chatting with Matt and mentioned that I’d love to do a collaboration between …Lost and Hawaiian South Shore. I really like the SubScorcher II, and Matt and I started discussing the possibility of making a special HSS version of the SubScorcher with slightly tweaked dimensions. We added a bit of extra foam to help with the softer waves in Town, bumping the volume on the 5'10" up to around 33 liters, and built in a double wing swallow tail for extra whip through turns. An hour later, Matt had a design ready to cut out!

After building a couple of test boards, the guys in the …Lost factory were so excited about the new design that they made a couple of the boards for themselves! Then they built 20 or so for our shop and sent our first shipment out to Oahu. These boards are built in the Lightspeed construction, which combines EPS foam, high-strength epoxy resin, and a combination of Rapid-Reflex carbon fiber and vibration-dampening Innegra Fibers, which produces a super lively, responsive board that is ultra-strong and light. The carbon fiber loads up through turns, then springs when it releases, adding speed and pep to your turns. Meanwhile, the two carbon exo-stringers reduce weight and add extra pop and spring. Finally, the Innegra-infused fiberglass maintains a high level of strength and structural integrity while dampening chatter from wind chop and other irregularities in the wave.

The SubScorcher has been a favorite of the …Lost community for years and gone through a number of iterations. It started with the Scorcher, then progressed to the SubScorcher, both of which were high-performance shortboards with squash tails. The SubScorcher II refined the design elements of the SubScorcher and added the option for a single wing swallow, double wing swallow, and hip squash. Drawing on inspiration from Mark Richards’ “Super Twin” outline, the SubScorcher II is an easy-to-ride, high-performance board that is equally at home in good waves or groveling on small days. With the added volume and design tweaks that Matt did for us, I believe that the Hawaiian South Shore version of the SubScorcher II is one of the best boards …Lost has ever made! Best of all, the boards are made in California, so you are supporting a local American shaper that has been working with our shop for over two decades.


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