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CJ Nelson Parallax Plus

CJ Nelson Parallax Plus - Thunderbolt Technologies

Inspired by Nat Young's iconic Malibu hull from the summer of '68, the Parallax Plus puts a modern performance twist on this classic longboard. Drawing cues from Young's original masterpiece, we blended in more rocker for control, less roll for stability and a moderate 3-fin setup for maneuverability.

The result is a retro yet progressive shape that unlocks the speed, power and flow necessary to traverse the wall at Surfrider. Mellow rocker lets you glide into waves effortlessly while the pulled-in tail kicks free with ease. Performance rails add responsiveness that's rare in an old school nose rider. Equally suited to nose rides, hang tens and radical cutbacks, the Parallax Plus is a contemporary take on Young's hollowed cult classic. Rediscover that fast yet flowing Malibu style.

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