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The HIHP is Harley Ingleby’s go-to high-performance longboard. This is the board that he competes on and has won multiple world titles on. The HIHP has been refined over the course of more than a decade, eventually evolving into the one of the world’s most high-tech progressive longboard shapes.

  • Designed to be ridden in hollow, chest-high to overhead waves
  • Board features refined, modern rails and bottom contours, an outline that is both aggressive and forgiving, and enough volume to facilitate trim through fat sections without compromising maneuverability.
  • Fin setup options range from XL longboard tri-fin to a 4+1 setup that allows for single-fin, 2+1, and quad surfing.

Watch the HIHP Surfboard Reviews here...

Harley Ingleby HIHP surfboard Interview

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