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Mid 6 is built to give the intermediate to expert longboarder the option of dropping down into the mid-length range, with maximum performance built into the board. 

Harley Ingleby is known for his prowess on a longboard, but he also rips on shorter boards. Whether you are bashing turns or packing barrels, if you enjoy doing so on a board in the seven-foot range, this is the mid-length for you.

If you're looking for your next magic board, be sure to check out our full Mid 6 range. We've got everything from high-performance boards to user-friendly mini's and lively twins. Whether you want to charge steep drops, draw out buttery turns, or simply have more fun in everyday surf, there's a Mid 6 that's right for you. Peruse all the shapes and sizes and find that perfect blend of speed, responsiveness and wave reading ability. Let our refined Mid 6 designs help unlock your surfing potential today. It's time to progress your surfing to the next level!

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Harley Ingleby Mid 6

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  • MID-LENGTH (10)
  • MID 6 (5)
  • MID 6 MINI (4)
  • MID 6 MINI TWIN (2)
  • 36L - 40L (8)
  • 41L - 45L (1)
  • 46L - 50L (4)
  • 51L - 55L (3)
  • 6'0" - 6'11" (6)
  • 7'0" - 7'11" (5)