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Daniel “Tomo” Thomson’s EVO has been a bestseller for Firewire for years, due to its versatility, user-friendly sweet spot, and ability to generate speed from even the smallest of waves. Combine this with the latest Firewire construction process (35 percent stronger than LFT, which Ibolic is replacing) and you are looking at a truly futuristic surfboard.

  • Tomo’s REVO is the latest update on the EVO, featuring a refined outline, increased rocker for more aggressive turning in the pocket, and a more pronounced vee quad concave featuring a central spine that facilitates faster rail-to-rail surfing without sacrificing control while on the rail.
  • The REVO has a super-charged planing speed due to its symmetrical design and the “performance hull” features of its patented bottom contours. 

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 Firewire REVO Surfboard Rundown

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