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LOST Driver 2.0 Surfboards

Driver 2.0

The Driver is …Lost’s most popular and proven performance model, refined under the feet of many of the world’s best competitive surfers, including Kolohe Andino, Griffin Colapinto, Carissa Moore, and Caroline Marks. The Driver 2.0 is the latest version, reflecting input and tweaks from …Lost’s best surfers.

  • A more gradual nose rocker for down the line speed and projection
  • A fuller nose with a forward wide point for paddle power and drive
  • A pronounced vee on the deck with softer rails for smooth transitions and forgiveness
  • A higher tail rocker for quick and snappy turns
  • A slightly increased volume for more stability and control

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  • LOST (2)
  • DRIVER 2.0 (2)
  • 21L - 25L (1)
  • 26L - 30L (2)
  • 5'0" - 5'11" (2)
  • 6'0" - 6'11" (1)