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At just 20 years of age, Malibu’s Soleil Errico has already put her stamp on the longboard world. She has been a stylish freesurfer and dominant competitive force since she was a teenager and won her first world title at the age of 17. She has also won numerous Longboard World Tour events, consistently ranked in the top five on tour, and also won the specialty Relik Tour.

The stylish regular-foot combines noseriding mastery with powerful rail turns, making her a great all-round longboarder. Whether she is on a traditional log or a high-performance longboard, her performances are consistently impressive—equal parts fundamentals and flair. A recent addition to the Thunderbolt Technologies team, Soleil has released a line of signature boards, including the high-performance Sunkist and a traditional log called the Velvet Hour. Read More...


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