With all the positive reviews we received from our customers I can understand why the Hypto Krypto was voted board of the year, 3 years in a row.

The Hypto Krypto is one board quiver, for all intermediate to advance surfer in Any Weight class

It pretty much replaces all your boards for small weak knee high to double over head waves

The outline of the Nose resembles a retro fish
With plenty of volume right under the chest  to help you get into the wave early

Then it draws into a super tight pin tail for hold and tight turns.

The 5 fin model was designed and tested to be ridden either as a Thruster or a Quad.
The rear quads are spaced close together so it feels like you are surfing like a thruster, so no need to add a knubster to stabilize the board.  

The rocker is pretty flat except for the entry it has a slight flip. It helps when it’s critical on late late drops and for turing in the steeper sections of the wave.

The design of the rocker is focused around speed to make sections that you don’t normally expect to make.  
The bottom is a single concave and blends into a vee out the tail for drive and control.

FutureFlex is something Hayden invented.
The board is lightweight, highly responsive.
The carbon fiber rails acted as the stringer to help control the flex of the board

The foam is a High density EPS foam that's water proof

The fiberglass on the deck is bidirectional for strength
It’s for minimizing twist thru turns and for strength
If you come into the shop and take a look at the deck you can see the the fiberglass weave

The Epoxy resin is a special mixture that is was developed by Hayden
It has flex and memory properties that last 5 times longer than polyester resin. And It’s UV resistant, meaning it stays whiter longer
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