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CHRISTENSON Lane Splitter 5'6 Belly Channel Twin Fin FCS II Clear Sand Grey Rails


Lane Splitter
Size: 5’6 X 19 1/2 X 2 7/16 V28.37 - Waist- to overhead waves

Size Range:

5’3 19 1/4 x 2 5/16 25.29L
5’4 19 3/8 x 2 5/16 25.95L
5’5 19 7/16 x 2 3/8 27.15L
5’6 19 1/2 x 2 7/16 28.37L
5’7 19 5/8 x 2 1/2 29.3L
5’8 19 3/4 x 2 9/16 31.1L
5’9 19 7/8 x 2 5/8 32.52L
5’10 20 x 2 11/16 33.94L
5’11 20 1/8 x 2 3/4 35.44L
6’0 20 1/4 x 2 3/4 36.16L
6’2 20 1/2 x 2 3/4 37.61L

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Product overview

The Lane Splitter is a single-winged twin-fin that blends a generous template up
front with a drawn in tail in the rear. Originally featuring a rounded squash, the Lane Splitter has been updated for Hawaiian South Shore with an exclusive swallow tail that really emphasizes the twin-fin experience. A healthy concave accentuated by stinger-style wing tips is split down the middle by vee, combining speed down the line with easy rail-to-rail roll. If you are looking for something fun and fast, the Lane Splitter is the call.

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Key Features

  • Twin fin: This provides a responsive and agile ride that is perfect for carving turns.
  • Relaxed rocker: This provides a smooth and forgiving ride that is easy to paddle and catch waves.
  • Medium-width template: This provides a stable platform for surfing that is also maneuverable.
  • High-quality construction: This makes the board strong and durable.


  • Twin fin: This allows you to easily change direction and make quick turns, making it ideal for surfing in small waves.
  • Relaxed rocker: This makes it easy to paddle and catch waves, even in weak conditions.
  • Medium-width template: This provides a stable platform for surfing that is also maneuverable, making it a good choice for both beginners and experienced surfers.
  • High-quality construction: This ensures that the board will last for many years to come.


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$1,140.00 USD

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