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CJ Nelson OUTLIER 7'6-9'0 Single Fin Thunderbolt Red Volan Green


CJ Nelson Outlier

Brand: CJ Nelson Designs
Model: Outlier
Fins: Single Fin System
Construction: THUNDERBOLT RED 


Size Range

7'0 X 23 X 3 1/8 V57
7'6 X 22 1/4 X 2 7/8 V51.7
8'0 X 22 1/2 X 3 1/8 V59.7
9'0 X 23 X 33/16 V70.0

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Product Overview

 The CJ Nelson Outlier is designed for intermediate to advanced surfers who are looking for a versatile and performance-oriented mid-length funboard. It is a good choice for surfers who want a board that can be used in a variety of wave conditions, from small to large.

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Key Features

  • Single fin setup
  • Planing hull
  • Low rocker
  • Thick rails
  • Thunderbolt Red construction 

Benefits of Key Features

  • Single fin setup: The single fin setup provides a smooth and controlled ride, while also making the board more maneuverable. This is because the single fin provides less drag than a twin or quad fin setup, which allows the board to glide through the water more easily. The single fin also makes the board more responsive, which makes it easier to turn and maneuver.
  • Planing hull: The planing hull helps the board to paddle easily and catch waves early. This is because the planing hull has a wide, flat bottom that helps the board to displace water more easily. This makes it easier to paddle and catch waves, especially in small waves.
  • Low rocker: The low rocker gives the board a fast and responsive feel, even in small waves. This is because the low rocker allows the board to get up on plane more easily, which makes it faster and more responsive. This is especially beneficial in small waves, where a board with a lot of rocker can be sluggish and difficult to turn.
  • Thick rails: The thick rails provide stability and control in bigger waves. This is because the thick rails help to keep the board from slipping out from under the surfer in bigger waves. The thick rails also help to prevent the board from pearling, which is when the nose of the board digs into the water and causes the board to stop.
  • Thunderbolt Red construction: The Thunderbolt Red construction makes the board light, strong, and durable. This is because the Thunderbolt Red construction uses a combination of carbon fiber, fiberglass, and epoxy resin. The carbon fiber makes the board strong and lightweight, while the fiberglass and epoxy resin make the board durable.


Recommended Fin:

$1,265.00 USD $1,265.00 USD

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