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FCS II Harley Ingleby Longboard Tri Fin Set XXL Black


World Longboard Champion Harley Ingleby's signature XXL template delivers maximum speed and drive for powerful surfers. Ideal for performance longboards, surf SUPs, and 2+1 setups. The side fins are designed to be used with the FCS II Tool-Less Longboard System. 
Comes with 2 side fins and 1 center fin.
Recommended Weight:  (Over 85Kg / 190 Lbs)


Constructed using Performance Core (PC) technology. The multi-layered resin transfer molding process delivers progressive flex from base to tip, helping maintain drive and hold through turns. Versatile, lightweight construction.

Key Features

  • Harley Ingleby's pro model
  • XXL template for maximum speed and drive
  • Designed for powerful surfers
  • For use with FCS II Tool-Less Longboard System
  • Adjustable fin positioning
  • Easy no-tools installation


  • Signature World Champion design
  • Explosive speed and control for longboards
  • Holds power through turns
  • Progressive flex maintains response
  • Quick, convenient tool-free installation




Base (inches)

Base (mm)

Depth (inches)

Depth (mm)

Area (inches)

Area  (mm)

Sweep Deg°


Side  4.61 117 4.99 127 16.93 10923 34° Flat
Single  4.84 123 5.27 134 18.5
11937 32.1° 50/50

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    $125.00 USD

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