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FUTURES Jordy Signature TechFlex Large Rake Template Black/Red


The Jordy Large Techflex thruster fin set is designed in collaboration with pro surfer Jordy Smith for control in powerful waves. The Techflex construction and flat foil provide speed control and stability.

Fin Family

  • Rake template for drawn-out drive
  • Smaller center fin increases maneuverability


Constructed from lightweight honeycomb material offering rigidity and response.

Key Features

  • Jordy Smith's signature control fin
  • Techflex build for stability
  • Flat foil shape for speed control
  • Smaller center fin increases turning
  • Ideal for open face, point break waves


  • Control and stability in strong surf
  • Maintains speed without sacrificing response
  • Provides drive through drawn-out lines
  • Added maneuverability on rail
  • Tuned for optimal wave-riding performance


Side Fins Center Fin
Area 15.92 15.29
Height 4.68 4.49
Base 4.65 4.56
Angle 6.5 SYMM
$140.00 USD

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