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Harley Ingleby MOE 7'2-7'4 Five Fin Thunderbolt Red White


Harley Ingleby Moe


Model: MOE

Fins: 5 FIN


Size Range:

7'2 X 22 X 2 13/16 V49.4
7'4 X 22 1/2 X 2 7/8 V52.9

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Product overview

The MOE blends speed, maneuverability and smooth traditional lines in a high performance shortboard. Continuous rocker provides excellent control across the wave face.

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Key Features

  • Flat rocker up front
  • Double-concave through the tail
  • Thin rails throughout
  • FCSII five-fin setup


  • This is a straight shape on the front of the board that helps it go faster and smoother on the water. It also makes the board easier to paddle and catch waves.
  • This is a curved shape on the back of the board that helps it turn and move better on the water. It also makes the board more loose and playful, like a shortboard.
  • This is the edge of the board that touches the water. Thin rails make the board more sensitive and responsive, so you can feel the wave better and control the board better.
  • This means the board has five slots for fins at the bottom, which gives you the option to choose how many fins you want to use. You can use one fin, two fins, three fins, or four fins, depending on your style and preference.


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$1,260.00 USD

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