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HawaiianSouthShore Small Box Fin 2.5"-3.0"/Black

HawaiianSouthShore Small Box Fin

If you want more speed and easier turning on small to head high waves, look no further than our 2.0 inch or 3.0 inch center fins paired with larger side fins. Our center fins have been a long-time steady seller and a popular choice among surfers of all levels.

When using our center fins, we recommend pairing them with larger side fins to achieve optimal performance. For FCS fin systems, the Mark Richards side fins, power twins, or Chris Christiansen twin fins are excellent choices. If you have Futures, we suggest the T1 or T2 side fins, or the EN for extra drive.

With this small center fin and large side fin combo, you'll get instant speed out the gate and be able to turn the board in a much tighter turn. To find the perfect position for your center fin, start by placing it slightly towards the back of the fin box and make small adjustments forward until you find your preferred position.

Thanks to the larger side fins' surface area, you'll immediately notice an increase in speed and squirt down the line, allowing for better water grip. The small center fin provides stability and control, making it possible for you to come off the bottom without sliding and turn at the top almost like a shortboard or round nose fish with a 2+1 fin setup.

We highly recommend trying our center fins with larger side fins to boost your board's performance and enjoy a more exhilarating and fun surfing experience.

$43.00 USD

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