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Lost 3.0 Stub Driver Thumb (6'1) FCS POLY Airbrush Light Blue Logo

Brand: LOST
Model: 3.0 Stub Driver Thumb Surfboard
Fins: FCS II
Construction: PU

Size Range

6' 1 X 19.63 X 2.54 V32

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Product Overview

All new, every day, step-down, performance player, developed with Kolohe Andino. The 3.0_STUB is a direct derivative of the long time developed, but recently released, DRIVER3.0.

Key Features

FEATURES: …When compared to the DRIVER3.0

  • Relaxed entry rocker, with a slightly wider nose area.
  • Relaxed tail rocker, with a slight hip and wider tail block (but not as wide as the SubDrivers.)
  • More width overall, with thickness carried further into the nose and under the rear foot.
  • Deeper single and double concave combination, for more lift, with plenty or rail curve, in lesser surf.
  • Slightly flatter deck, with soft , forgiving rails.


  • While noticeably relaxed from DRIVER 3.0 rocker, it is still loose and lively,  quick and easy to release, under the rear foot. Fitting more effortlessly into small pockets or quick dumpy sections than the SubDriver. Perfect for small beach break.

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$855.00 USD

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