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Octopus Deckpad Mega Storm Green

Octopus Mega Storm Grip Green

The Octopus Megastorm is a striking surfboard with a dynamic design that will grab attention on the beach. You can ride the waves with assurance and accuracy because to its unique texture's greater grip and control.

The Octopus Megastorm is the ideal option for anyone looking to advance their surfing, regardless of whether they are a seasoned veteran or a passionate newbie. It is simple to install, works with the majority of surfboards, and is long-lasting.

Get your Octopus Megastorm from Hawaiian Southshore right away to enjoy the best performance and aesthetic in surfing.

Three piece grip with OCTO Groove

12.4" x 12.3"

Flat Arch / 45º-90º tail kick / 30mm tall

$46.00 USD

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