Free shipping on most accessories and apparels!

Free shipping on most accessories and apparels!

 Rob Machado Too Fish Keel Double Tab

Introducing the all-new "Too Fish Keel" by Rob Machado - a twin keel set that combines remarkable lightness with exceptional performance. Designed to enhance your surfing experience, these fins offer a loose, lively, and drivey feel for seamless flow in all conditions.

Crafted with precision, the Too Fish Keels feature a construction method that incorporates bamboo veneers and ultralight foam core interlayers. This unique blend of materials not only contributes to the fins' impressive lightweight design but also ensures their durability and responsiveness.

Experience the next level of surfing performance with the Too Fish Keel - a culmination of cutting-edge design, lightweight construction, and the passion of a world-class surfer. Ride the waves with confidence and finesse, knowing you have the ultimate tool at your disposal.

$125.00 USD

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