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Kai Sallas MANGO JAM (9'4) Single Fin Thunderbolt Silver Light Blue

Kai Sallas Mango Jam

Brand: Tudor Surfboards
Model: Mango Jam
Fins: Single Fin
Size: 9'4


The Mango Jam blends classic longboarding with modern performance elements for aggressive turns and stylish noserides. Designed and shaped by Hawaiian legend Kai Sallas.

Key Features

  • Modernized classic single-fin longboard
  • Turns harder and more aggressively than traditional longboards
  • Updated modern design elements
  • Optimized for noseriding
  • Trims smoothly yet carves aggressively
  • Thunderbolt Silver construction


  • Powerful turns to set up noserides
  • Tight wrap-around pivots and cutbacks
  • Lively, responsive feel
  • Walk forward and cross-step with ease
  • Flowing lines and nose magic
  • Lightweight strength and flex

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$1,510.00 USD

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