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THUNDERBOLT SUNDAY 6'8-7'3 Futures Thunderbolt Red White






Size Range: 

6'8" X 21 X 3 V48.1 L - Easy to paddle and catch waves
7'0" X 21 1/2 X 3 1/18 V53.8 L - For intermediate and experienced surfers
7'3" X21 7/8 X 3 1/8 V56.7 L - Has a lot of power and paddle speed

Product overview

The Thunderbolt Red Sunday is a limited-edition surfboard that is a reimagining of the classic Sunday model. It features a new construction that makes it lighter, livelier, and more responsive, while retaining its signature glide. The board is also more maneuverable and loose, making it a good choice for surfers who are looking for a board that they can surf with style.


  • Thunderbolt construction: This new construction uses a combination of balsa wood and carbon fiber to create a lightweight and strong board.
  • Continuous rocker: This rocker profile provides a smooth and even ride through the wave face. 
  • Fuller nose: The fuller nose provides good paddle power and makes it easy to catch waves.
  • Pulled-in outline: The pulled-in outline provides good control and makes it easy to turn the board.
  • Recommended Fin:  Machado Keel Fin


  • Lightweight and strong: The Thunderbolt construction makes the board lightweight and strong, so you can focus on surfing without worrying about damaging your board.
  • Easy to paddle and catch waves: The continuous rocker profile and fuller nose make it easy to paddle and catch waves, so you can spend more time surfing and less time waiting for waves.
  • Good control: The pulled-in outline provides good control, so you can turn the board easily and precisely.
  • Good hold and drive: The five-fin setup provides good hold and drive in a variety of wave conditions, so you can surf confidently in any kind of wave.


    $1,055.00 USD

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