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An Email from Matt Biolos of Lost Surfboard...Mark Richards Surfboards

Hey check out this email I just received from Matt Biolos of Lost Surfboards…let me know if your interested, if you are just email me. - David
Hey Everyone…spread the word….
We can do them with any Classic MR air spray, or also with The Son Of Cobra resin art…or clear, light and  and white.
Glass on twins…FCS2 or Futures, up to you.
Feeling that Twin Fin resurgence bubbling up, but not confident enough of proven performance to pull the trigger?
Why take a chance, here’s your opportunity to get a custom built Twin Fin with multiple World Title proven performance, hand built from the hands of the world greatest Surfer/Shaper and Four time ASP World Surfing Champion (and only World Champion to shape his own winning boards)   Mark ” MR ” Richards. MR is coming to California in August to shape a limited, signed and numbered,  run of his classic and modern Twin Fins. From his 1978, 1980 and 1982 World beating “Retro Twins” to his always popular, modern ” Super Twin”, ” Mega-Twin” and more, this is an opportunity not to be missed.
MRs legendary Retro-80 TwinFin has most recently been witnessed as being ridden and ripped on, in Bali, by both Mason Ho and the incomparable Tom Curren, in Masons web series sensation, “ License To Chill ”.
Authorized Lost Surfboards dealers are now accepting custom orders. All current Mark Richards models are available. Single Fins, Fish…even Thrusters. Check to see the whole line up.
-Matt Biolos