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Ben Skinner Skindog OVA Surfboard Review by Nick

OVA Surfboard Review

Ben Skinner OVA Surfboard Review

Nick shares his thoughts on the 7'0 Ova, and he's absolutely stoked about it. He highlights its versatility, mentioning that he can take it out to various surf spots all over the island, including Tracks, Rest Camp, White Plaines, and North Beach.

Nick dives into the ideal conditions for this board, noting that it performs exceptionally well in waves ranging from two to three feet all the way up to overhead. He prefers riding it as a 2+1 setup, with a 7-inch fin and two side bites, giving it a longboard-like feel.

If you're curious about Nick's other board preferences, he typically rides longboards, including a 9'0 nose rider and a high-performance 9'0. He wraps up the review by emphasizing that the 7'0 Ova is a fantastic one-quiver board suitable for riders of all styles. You can even nose ride it or ride up farther on the board, offering something for everyone.