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Board Talk: Firewire Dominator 2.0 Shaped by Dan Mann with Mark Pesce of Firewire Surfboards

Next-Generation Dominance With Dan Mann’s Dominator 2 

Firewire Sweet Potato surfing photo


Forget all the hippie hoopla about dancing with the waves—when you are out in the water on a shortboard, you want to dominate. You want to paddle with confidence, take waves from behind the peak, and tear the heck out of them all the way to the shoulder.

That’s what Dan Mann designed his original Dominator shape for—and the new Dominator 2 is no different. It’s just better The original Dominator was an easy board for Dan to design—it virtually leapt out of his mind and onto the foam.

It featured a round tail (his personal preference), a natural design, and a lot of predictability. The tweaks and updates in the Dominator 2 follow this aesthetic. It is still a shortboard with the wide point back, making it super rippable and versatile for different waves and different ability levels.

The tail is still rounded, in a bit of a soft squash that has a touch of straightness added to help with release through turns. And the curvy outline between the feet allows the board to roll off the bottom especially with the buttery rails that transition into a steep tail rail that provides a structural feel without compromising the user-friendly feel.

In many ways this board is similar to the FRK—a reliable shredstick that helps you power up when you are looking to perform. With a lot of planing surface and good paddling speed, it blends small-wave optimization with high-fi ripping, making it a great performance board in waves ranging from chest high to a couple feet overhead.