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CJ Nelson’s Surfboard —The Apex

The Apex

Photo Credit to @cj_nelson

Looking for a longboard that combines classic design with modern performance? Look no further than the Apex.

Loosely based on the 1960s Involvement Log template, the Apex features a narrow nose and hips set back of center, allowing for critical noserides and aggressive "hotdog" surfing. But that's not all - added concave in the nose extends those noserides even longer, while a performance-type rail in the tail puts the final polish on the board's maneuverability.

This board truly lives up to its name, representing the "apex" of classic longboard design and performance. And with three sizes available, ranging from 9'1" to 9'11", there's an Apex to suit every rider's needs.

But don't think that this board is stuck in the past - with a modern twist on traditional longboarding, the Apex is the perfect board for surfers who want the best of both worlds. And with its Thunderbolt Silver finish, it's sure to turn heads out in the lineup.

So if you're looking for a board that combines classic style with modern performance, look no further than the Apex. Get ready to ride the peak of longboard design and experience the ultimate in surfing performance.


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