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Firewire Sunday Surfboard Review by Alyssa

Sunday Surfboard Review

Firewire Sunday Surfboard Review

Alyssa shares her experience with the Firewire Sunday surfboard. She got the 6'8 Sunday and has been using it as a step down for her longboard. She finds it to be perfect for her because it has a lot of volume and is still easy to paddle. She also mentions that learning on this board has been good for her.

Alyssa stepped down from a 9'2 Single Fin Nose Rider longboard and found that turning on the Firewire Sunday has been a learning curve. She’s still able to turn it, but it’s much easier to turn on a longboard. However, she finds that the Firewire Sunday is a good size for her.

She’s been running the Machado fins on the board, a twin plus a little setup. The board used to have a center fin box, but now they come strictly as a twin fin. However, you can try it as a single fin too.

Alyssa finds herself having to sit at a different part of the wave, closer to the peak. Even if she’s on the soft part of the wave like the shoulder, she still gets enough drive. She’s able to take off at the steeper part and it handles well.

The conditions have been mostly small with a little bit of size. There’s still a little something out there right now and Alyssa was able to get into some fun waves this morning.



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