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Firewire Sweet Potato Surfboard Review- Rented by Camp

Sweet Potato Surfboard Review

Firewire Sweet Potato Surfboard Review

Camp shares his experience when he rented the Sweet Potato surfboard. He had about an hour and a half to take it out and had never ridden it before. He caught everything he wanted and found it to be a ton of fun. He enjoyed it so much that he’s going to have to get himself one of these little things.

Camp was using the Al Merrick quad set on the board. He’s 5’11" and weighs 185 pounds. The board is 41 L and it floated well. It paddled like a breeze and was super fun for him. The turning was good and it was almost like a little wake skate according to him. There weren’t a whole lot of waves, but he had a ton of fun on it. It maneuvered well and held this old man up.


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