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Harley Ingleby HI4 Surfboard Review

HI4 Surfboard Review 

Harley Ingleby HI4 surfboard review

Brad talks about his experience riding the HI4 shortboard from our shop. After previously reviewing the Moe model, Brad provides his thoughts on the HI4 which he describes as turning "really good." At 5'5" and 200 lbs, Brad feels the HI4 holds well with a quad fin setup but he found it to be a little stiff.

Brad has been riding the HI4 more recently as a thruster with Harley Ingleby fins. He's been impressed with the paddle power - he can catch waves easily just a foot back from the nose thanks to the float provided by the wide point forward design. Despite its narrow nose shape, Brad says the HI4 has no issues with nose diving. The lightweight makes the board very buoyant. Brad can really feel the board flex and spring out of turns, which helps generate speed and drive. The flex and rocker of the HI4 let this high-performance shortboard maintain excellent stability and glide for Brad's size. He finds it fast, loose, and maneuverable without compromising paddle strength.


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