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Hawaiian South Shore March 2022 Newsletter Part 3 of 6: Hawaiian South Shore Member of the Month - Brian Martinez

Hawaiian South Shore

Hawaiian South Shore Member of the Month - Brian Martinez

Hawaiian South Shore February 2022 Newsletter


When and why did you initially get into surfing?

  • The first time I ever attempted surfing I was 12 years old. Since I was a grom I had always been involved in dirt bikes and skateboarding. Being out of Las Vegas, Nevada you didn’t really have the chances to surf unless you made the 4 and half hour drive to California. My parents and I had been spending a few days in San Diego at the time on holiday and my father rented out some old beat up soft tops to try and learn to surf. These things sucked! Had almost no grip and what was supposed to be wax was just aged layers of sand from all the previous renters. Even though neither one of us caught a single proper was it was an absolute blast just eating S%&# and laughing as hard as we could. Since that day in SD  I fell in love with surfing and had made it a hobby that I would get involved in more and more as I got older. 


Did you have a time period you laid off from surfing?  If so, when and why did you start back up?

  • Yes, I was a nationally ranked swimmer for many years and while attending college in California I spent a lot of my time either studying or traveling for competitions across the country. Out of the 4 years in school I didn't surf for those first 3 years.I picked up right around when i retired  from swimming competitively around that 3 year and started enjoying paddling out in my local breaks more consistently. 

What is your favorite thing about surfing? 

  • I love the feeling of never having the same session twice. You either have the session of your life, nothing works and you’re getting launched off the lip or you're having the best laughing session with the boys. No matter what it’s a gift to be out in the water and to be able to do it every day especially in Hawaii. 

Where is your favorite place to eat after surfing? What is your favorite item on the menu?

  • It depends! If I'm up North, definitely a toss up between killer tacos in Haleiwa and Pupukea grill. For those long sessions when it's firing I gotta go to Killer tacos i gotta go with the longboard burrito with the habanero salsa. If i go to pupukea grill, I gotta go with the Hawaiian bowl, with everything.

What other hobbies do you have besides surfing?

  • Boxing. I’ve Been boxing for many years and if i’m not in the water you can most likely find me training and putting in the hard work on the canvas with some of the local talent we have here on island. 

What type of work do you do?

  • I work in technical support for computer, software, and online services.
  • Full time grad student. 

Tell us about the board you recently purchased from us. What model and size is it, and how do you like its performance?

  • I snagged the Black Baron by J.S. It’s 5’9’ 20 1/2 X 2 9/16  33.6L. This is my first twin I've personally owned and it’s addicting. I love speed and this board does just that. It generates the speed in sections that I would typically fall short in especially in weaker waves, but I love the drive it builds even when it's pumping too. I grew up skateboarding and I still skate to this day. To me this is the closest thing to skating out in the water. Loose and fast.

Do you have any additional comments? 

  • Shout out to the Hawaiian South Shore fam. You guys are legends! Mahalo!


 Hawaiian South Shore March 2022 Newsletter


Hawaiian South Shore March 2022 Newsletter