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JS Industries Big Baron Surfboard Review by David

Big Baron Surfboard ReviewJS Industries Big Baron Surfboard Review

David recently took his new board out on some chest high, occasionally bigger, surf. He said the board looks insanely good with its unique shape, and he was initially worried the big nose would get caught when turning. However, David didn't have any issues with the nose catching during turns. He found the weight of the board provided a very smooth, fast paddling experience with lots of momentum.

Even on steeper waves, David was able to take his time popping up thanks to the stability of the board. He described riding it as like being on a "fast Cadillac" - very smooth but with plenty of speed down the line. The board performed beyond David's expectations for these surf conditions. He's now looking forward to taking it out on a much bigger swell to really test how it handles when things get more serious.

Overall, David was clearly impressed by this board's glide, maneuverability and wave catching abilities on these smaller days. He can't wait to see how it performs on bigger surf, but so far its smooth ride has lived up to the hype.

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