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Lost California Twin Surfboard Review by Guy Heresa

California Twin Surfboard Review 

lost california Twin Surfboard Review

Stellar reviews are pouring in for the fast, fun California Twin surfboard! Avid surfer Guy Heressa can't get enough of this hot new model.

"The California Twin is so easy to paddle and get into waves," says Guy. "It flies down the line with speed and stability." He loves how the board "springs to life on takeoff" allowing him to catch more waves with less effort.

Its lightweight construction makes it "no problem to haul around" yet it still "feels solid under your feet." The twin fin setup gives Guy "fluid transitions" so he can slash with precision. The width and thickness provide "tons of float for my size," perfect for bigger surfers like Guy.

No matter your height or skill, Guy agrees the California Twin is "a total blast to surf in all conditions!" From small summer swells to bombing winter waves, this real surfer says this board "seriously puts a grin on my face every session." Don't miss out on Guy's favorite new surfboard.

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