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Master Shaper Randy Rarick on His Revolutionary Black Tip Fin Design

Legendary Hawaiian shaper Randy Rarick recently revealed the story behind his innovative black tip fin design that has taken the surf world by storm. After two years in development with Futures Fins, Randy has perfected a technique that allows for maximum flex in the fin tip while maintaining strength through strategic use of carbon fiber.

In this exclusive interview, Randy traces his inspiration back to the 60s kneeboarder George Greenough and discusses how this fin improves performance, drive, and snap off turns for everything from high-performance shortboards to classic logs. Read on to learn the unique benefits of his black tip fin system and why it’s led to Randy’s most successful design in decades.

Drawing Inspiration From a 60s Innovator

Randy shares that his passion for maximizing tip flex originated from influential 60s kneeboarder George Greenough, who pioneered the transition from longboards to shortboards. This introduced a whole new type of performance surfing focused on tight, snappy turns.

Randy Rarick back in the day surfing

Featuring Randy Rarick from @longboarding_is_not_a_crime

Randy set out to find a way to capture that sensation of loose, Projection' off turns by engineering specialized flex into the fins for his own Hawaiian shapes - from everyday riders to big wave guns.

Partnering With Futures for the Carbon/Fiberglass Design

It took Randy two years of development work with Futures Fins to perfect a fin composition that put carbon fiber strategically around the center and base for strength while keeping the tip free for flex.

Randy rarick Black Tip Fin

This innovative combo means the flex loads up right in the tip during a turn, then springs out with explosive drive and snap. According to Randy, this is a game changer compared to traditional fiberglass fins where all the flex concentrates in one spot, leading to tips that often crack under pressure.

Sizing Options Dialed for Every Board

After debuting his first 7.5” black tip fin, Randy gradually expanded the line to offer an array of sizes that enhance performance in anything from a retro log to a big wave gun.

The key sizes include:

  • 7.5”: Ideal for small single fins and 2+1 setups
  • 8.5”: Perfect for bumping up fin size on bigger boards
  • 9”: The go-to for traditional longboards
  • 10”: Best for logs and increased nose ride control

Randy himself rides a range depending on surf size - anywhere from 10’ logs in waist high waves to 9’6” and 9’2” big wave guns when Sunset gets pumping.

Improved Speed, Drive and Control Across All Surf Conditions

Randy states that the black tip fin's flex pattern is a true best of both worlds, allowing boards to handle equally well whether carving 2-foot peelers or dropping into 8-foot North Shore beasts.

The tips load up and pop out of turns, giving an energetic snap, while the carbon fiber base and foiled edges provide the drive, speed and lift needed to make it down the line in total control.

Nose riders benefit from extra looseness and performance without losing any stability when walking forward on the board.

Rave Reviews From Team Riders and Customers

Since its launch, the black tip has become Randy's hottest selling fin as surfers immediately feel the increased speed, drive and response it kicks into any board.

Randy says team riders who swap them onto older boards are blown away at how much livelier and responsive their craft becomes.

The fins have been flying off shelves at Hawaiian South Shore as word has spread. Randy guarantees once you try his signature black tip design, you'll never want to surf without one!

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