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Protecting Teahupoo in Preparation for the Olympics with Matahi Drollet and His Local Friends

The Olympics are coming to Teahupoo in 2024, and a lot of people are excited about that fact—for good reason! Tahiti is a beautiful island with a rich culture and surfing heritage, and Teahupoo is arguably the best and heaviest left-hand reef pass on the planet. The 2024 Olympic surfing event has the potential to be the best thing that has ever happened to Olympics.

TeahupooPhoto credits to @saveteahupoo


However, not everyone is excited about the contest next year, and that’s largely because the Olympic committee is planning to replace the existing scaffolding/judging tower with a new, aluminum tower, which will require the installation of big concrete supports on the reef. The main reason for this is to have a larger judging facility with bathrooms and air conditioning—nice luxuries, to be sure, but that is arguably not worth damaging the vibrant reef at one of the world’s most beautiful surfing zones.

Locals such as Matahi Drollet (arguably the best local surfer at Teahupoo, with a good chance of winning gold at his home break in 2024) have been speaking out about the proposed installation and asking people to sign a petition requesting that the Olympic committee and local authorities reconsider. Matahi recently posted a video on Instagram informing the public about the issue and asking people to get involved and help protect Teahupoo.

To learn more about this important issue and to get involved, follow this link, spread the word, and sign the petition.


Teahupoo's Protest