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Taylor Jensen Singleton Surfboard



Blending Performance and Tradition

The Singleton is Taylor Jensen's latest signature surfboard, created to achieve an ideal blend of high-performance maneuverability with the smooth glide of traditional longboarding. After struggling to find a user-friendly traditional single fin outline that didn't feel overly bulky and inhibit his ability to carve, Taylor teamed up with legendary shaper Stuart Kenson to design a board that could excel in both arenas.

Taylor Jensen Singleton Surfboard stukensonsurfboards
Photo credits stukensonsurfboards


Through an iterative design process exploring multiple prototypes, Taylor and Stu carefully developed the Singleton's continuous outline and refined its curves, rocker profile, bottom contours, and rail edges to strike the perfect balance.

The result is a remarkably responsive yet stable board that can attack the pocket, drive up the line, and trim gracefully for stylish noserides.

Key Singleton Specs:

  • Dimensions: 9'4" X 23" X 3" V70.8 and 9'8" X 23" X 3 1/4" V80.4
  • Provides ample glide and paddle power while feeling lively
  • Single concave running to a slight central roll generates speed and hold
  • 50/50 rails, fuller nose, and balanced tail prevent sliding out
  • Incredible control and versatility for all conditions



Taylor Jensen Singleton Surfboard

Shaping the Magic Formula of Singleton

When developing the Singleton, Taylor provided feedback on exactly how each prototype felt, where it needed refinement, and the improvements he was looking for based on his high-performance pedigree. Stu Kenson then suggested design tweaks to the outline, rocker, bottom contours, and rail edges to achieve the feel Taylor desired.

It was an iterative process of tuning the board's balance for maximum nose riding abilities without compromising pivot and drive off the tail. They focused on planning the rail edges to limit sliding out during hang five's and hang ten's. The final design optimized paddle power, hold through turns, and smooth transitions across the wave face.

Taylor Jensen Singleton Surfboard
Photo credits kennethemorris

According to Taylor, Stuart nailed the magic formula on prototype number seven. After that, it was simply about replicating the same shape and weight to recreate the exact board that felt like the quintessential hybrid high-performance longboarder's dream ride.

Taylor Jensen Singleton Surfboard

Photo credits kennethemorris



Pushing Possibilities with the Thunderbolt Build

Once Taylor and Stu finalized the ideal Singleton design, the shape was then passed to the engineers at Firewire to bring it to life using their groundbreaking Thunderbolt technology. By wrapping the EPS core in strategic fiberglass and carbon fiber layers, Thunderbolt allowed fine-tuning the flex, response, rebound and strength to amplify the Singleton's capabilities.

The Thunderbolt red construction's thoughtful use of premium materials keeps the board extremely lightweight yet lively and incredibly durable. It also improves sustainability by utilizing recyclable and renewable resources. Combining the magic of Stuart's precise shaping with Thunderbolt's high-end performance engineering resulted in a board that surpasses expectations. The Singleton truly marries the best of traditional flow with modern innovation.

Check out the innovative Taylor Jensen Singleton surfboard here. 
Taylor Jensen Singleton Surfboard