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The Big Baron: Unleashing Fun and Performance in One Board - JS Industries' Versatile Twin-Fin Surfboard

JS Industries Big Baron


The Big Baron features a low rocker throughout, giving it a ton of speed while paddling and trimming down the line. The bottom features vee throughout, blending into a double concave through the tail, which provides drive and holds without restricting rail-to-rail turning. The low rails allow for aggressive turns at speed, and the round tail adds control when the waves get hollower.

The Big Baron thrives in playful waves between waist-high and overhead and particularly excels in drawn-out waves where the full template provides effortless flow between maneuvers. The board cleans up your surfing by forcing you to focus on the fundamentals but translates well to high-performance ripping when you transition back to your shortboard. Available between 6'4" (34.3 liters) and 7'6" (57.9 liters), the Big Baron is intended to be ridden longer than your normal shortboard, and brings the fun back into down-the-line surfing. Get back to basics with this full-bodied twin-fin—your surfing will thank you.


JS INDUSTRIES Big Baron New Surfboard 2021An instant classic, the Big Baron is inspired by the mid-lengths that generations before us rode on the infamous Gold Coast points. This is paired with a more modern bottom contour and twin fin placement, then complemented by a neatly pulled-in round tail for extra hold. Because of this board, you'll be burning speed and burying rail. A lot of it.

JS Industried Big Baron New Surfboard 2021

An overall flat rocker generates and holds momentum in even the weakest conditions, while vee throughout the board from nose to tail with added double concave through the fins helps it rock from rail to rail and retain its maneuverability. The plan shape holds a generous distribution of volume throughout, with relatively low rails allowing you to still turn at high speed.

Big Baron Surfboard
The Big Baron excels in playful conditions from knee-high to slightly overhead. And while short, sharp waves are not where its range of strengths are best used, it has the paddle power and ability to control the speed that you'll love in quality, longer waves. On points, reefs, or beach breaks with stretched-out banks, the Big Baron takes the pressure off and lets you enjoy the downtime between turns, tubes, or the typical sections other boards can get stuck chasing.

And as a bonus, riding the Big Baron will naturally smooth out your surfing and translate almost immediately to the shorter, more high-performance boards that most of us want to ride when conditions (and mood) align.

The Big Baron is designed to give a lot and only require a little in return. More time to set up and make adjustments, earlier and easier entry as you padded in, and the ability to go further and stay out longer in whatever waves are on offer. Shop Big Baron Now


Big Baron Surfboard and Future Fin