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What Hyaluronic Acid "Hiaruronsan" can do to your skin?

Hyaluronic Acid "Hiaruronsan"

A friend of mine named Dyanne Taylor is a regular at Kewalos and has been surfing there for years. She’s a fixture of the spot, an aunty to just about everyone, and over the years has taught many of the top pro surfers in Town to swim when they were keiki.


A while back, I suggested a product to Dyanne when she mentioned to me all of the sun spots she has developed after decades in the sun. The product is called hyaluronic acid, although the Japanese call it hiaruronsan. It is actually created by the body naturally, and is a slippery, gooey substance that lubricates our joints, keeps our eyes and skin hydrated, and provides the skin with elasticity and a plump, healthy look.

As it turns out, hyaluronic acid can also be created by fermenting some forms of bacteria, and is considered safe for human use, even for pregnant women! It is a great way to clear up wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, and sun spots.

Dyanne ended up picking some up from Don Quijote for $8.99 a bottle (super cheap!) and started using it every day. She didn’t think much about it, since it’s often difficult to see the small aggregate changes that happen over time, but when she visited her family on the mainland a few months later they definitely noticed! They asked her what she was doing different with her skin, and it took her a moment before she remembered that she had been using the hyaluronic acid. They said that her sun spots had lightened noticeably and that her skin looked healthier and younger!

When I saw Dyanne in the parking lot at Kewalos a couple of days ago, she told me all about her experience with hiaruronsan and thanked me for suggesting it to her. She also said that she definitely suggests everyone else consider trying it out too!

Take care of your skin, always remember to use sunscreen when you surf, and if you start to notice sun damage—or if you simply have some scars or stretch marks that you want to get rid of—head to Don Quijote and pick up some hyaluronic acid!